C++ with Basic DSA entrance exam preparation

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Course Duration

3 months

Admission process-

Eligibility for C++ with Basic DSA Entrance-

    Any one who want to become coder.

Preparation for courses-

Course description-

A comprehensive program that covers the fundamentals of C++ Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms. It includes lectures and exercises to help students design and implement efficient solutions. This course is suitable for beginners and experienced programmers and aims to prepare students for technical interviews and placement exams. 

 This Course Includes: 1

. No Pre-requisite Required 

2. Live Classes. 

3. Doubt Solving Sessions. 

4. 200+ Coding Questions (asked by Top Companies) 

5. Topic wise Practice Questions 

6. Live Resume & Interview Preparation 

7. Live Contests, Assignments and Quizzes 

8. Emerging Technologies & Feature Scope 

9. Mentorship session with Industry expert and Sandeep Sir. 

10. Road Map for B.Tech Journey 

11. Road Map for Internships and Jobs

Recorded lectures
Subjects cover-
    • C++ and Basic DSA.
We provided
The syllabus of courses which we will teach you in that’s course.
    • C++ and Basic DSA.

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